september, 2015

sat05sep17:45Final Concert Gstaad Baroque Academy 2015Menuhin Festival Gstaad: l'Heure bleueGstaad (CH)

Event Details

Prof. Maurice Steger | direction
plays together with his students and colleagues: Jan Fuss, Germany | Victor Petrov, Germany | Paula Pinn, Germany | Alessandra Riudalbas Wickers, Spain | Melissa Sandel, Switzerland | Clara Starzetz, Germany | Barbara Faulend-Klauser, Austria | Elisa Ramberger, Austria | Bar Zimmermann, Israel | Louis Grosclaude, Switzerland (Junior, 14 years old) | Trio Dolce Vita (Juniors, from 13 to 15 years old) : Mireya Bernardini (recorder) – Gabriella Smart (bassoon) – Gian-Andri Cuonz (cello) | Saito Hachidai, Baroque violin, Japan | Verena Barie, Netherlands | Lina Stahel, Switzerland | Matija Chlupacek, Slovenia | Tanja Gabsa, Switzerland | Alina Loewenich, Germany | Tabea Seibert, Austria | Sophia Schambeck, Netherlands | Sebastian Schmidt, Germany | Laura Kiesskalt, Austria | Maximilian Volbers, Germany | Lorina Vallaster, Austria | Céline Pasche, Switzerland | David Hanke, Austria | Laura Schmid, Germany / Switzerland | Lea Sobbe, Germany | Elisabeth Wirth, Germany | Claudius Kamp, Germany |
Sabrina Frey , recorder | Dieter Weitz, harpsichord | Jermaine Sprosse, harpsichord | Eriko Wakita, harpsichord | Fiorenza de Donatis and Alberto Stevanin, Baroque violin | Gianni Maraldi, Baroque viola | Mauro Valli and Sebastiano Severi, cello | Vanni Moretto, double bass


Prof. Steger will choose the program and the participants directly before the concert. No printed programs and notes but a charming presentation by the master himself. Intimate atmosphere.


Come and listen this event! No ticket reservation, CHF 30 at the ticket box – wonderful event in the Kirchgemeindehaus of Gstaad



(Saturday) 17:45


Gstaad (CH)