The most exciting recorder artist currently performing classical music is in town as part of the “Schweizgenössisch”- Festivals, (…). With his “turbo sound” Maurice Steger blows away any conventional ideas normally associated with the recorder — and when the slim Swiss leans back to send a brilliant passage into the venue’s air, it almost looks as if he is playing an early baroque version of the saxophone. Steger’s performances are electrifying — his Telemann, for example, recorded with the Berliner Akademie für Alte Musik, sounds so full of relish and energy (including a strong vibrato) that recorder artists of older generations like Frans Brüggen or Michala Petri look rather tame in comparison. Naturally, the virtuosic barrage flood of sounds unleashed on his new CD “Venezia 1625” must be seen in concert.

Tagesspiegel Berlin / Jörg Königsdorf / 02.08.2009

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