Late-Summer Travels





Maurice Steger is taking part in an exciting project in the State of Brandenburg, performing music by Telemann together with the inspiring Lautten Compagney Berlin in Bernau on 16.09.2016. These artists will play together again at concerts in Ravensburg (Weingarten, 8.10.) and Viersen (9.10.).

What joy! Maurice Steger will also perform his new programme, Souvenirs d’Italie, in Ankara. On 15 October, he will conduct the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, and will be joined in Turkey by Jadran Duncumb, one of the most inspiring lute players of the young generation.

This will be followed by two concerts which continue Steger’s cycle of Mozart symphonies performed with the Braunschweig State Orchestra. This time audiences can enjoy the Linz Symphony, with a performance of Vivaldi concertos in the first part, together with an unknown symphony by Wagenseil.


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