On YouTube and other platforms you will find video releases with Maurice Steger of various kinds: teaching sequences, live concerts, films, livestreams, concert excerpts with great popularity with over 1.5 million clicks but also unknown works or trailers for projects. Here you can see a small selection:

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Iris ter Schiphorst: Sei gutes Muts (UA 2021) | Maurice Steger, Blockflöte & Kuss Quartett | Audio: Dirk Fischer | Video: Magdalena Zieba-Schwind | Produced by:

FILM (4 minutes): MAURICE STEGER, conductor and recorder & LA CETRA BAROQUE ORCHESTRA BASEL | MR HANDEL’S DINNER | Album Presentation for harmonia mundi, Basel / Paris 2019

Gstaad Baroque Academy (2021, 9 minutes): Laura Schmid & Maurice Steger play Johan Joachim Quantz: Sonata in C major for recorder and b.c.

LIVE CONCERT (26 minutes): MAURICE STEGER CONDUCTS THE ZURICH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA – Works by Telemann, Brescianello, Vinci, Festival der Stille, Kaiserstuhl (2016)

FILM (15 minutes): Following in the Footsteps of Count Harrach | Sur les traces du comte Harrach | Auf den Spuren des Grafen von Harrach – MAURICE STEGER, recorder & conductor with Music collected by Count Aloys Thomas Raimund von Harrach, Vienna & Napoli, 18 th Century – A FILM BY JOËL CORMIER & DIEGO SALDIVA (2017)

Gstaad Baroque Academy (2021, 25 minutes): Jan Fuss plays Francesco Mancini: Sonata XI in g minor for recorder and b.c. – Un poco Andante – Allegro

LIVE CONCERT (15 minutes): JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH: BRANDENBURG CONCERTO No. 4, BWV 1049 – Andrés Gabetta, violin | Maurice Steger & Laura Schmid, recorders | Cappella Gabetta, Hochrhein Musikfestival 2016

LIVE CONCERT (9 minutes): Toshio Hosokawa (*1955) | Vorspiel Nacht (Venice Garden, premiere 2011/2015/2018)| Maurice Steger conducts La Cetra Baroque Orchestra Basel | live @ Ittingen Whitsun Festival 2018

FILM (25 minutes): UNA FOLLIA DI NAPOLI – Concerti et Sinfonia per Flauto, Napoli anno 1725
Works by A. & D. Scarlatti, L. Leo, N. Fiorenza, F. Barbella, D. Sarro | MAURICE STEGER & FRIENDS, spoken in German, Italian & English | A FILM BY JOËL CORMIER & DIEGO SALDIVA (2012)

LIVE CONCERT (6 minutes): Andrea Stefano Fiorè: Aria ‘Usignolo che col volo’ from the Opera Engelberta (1708) | NURIA RIAL soprano, MAURICE STEGER flautino, KAMMERORCHESTER BASEL, STEFANO BARNESCHI violin | Recorded live on 29 July 2017 in the Church in Saanen Come and join us at «Gstaad Digital Festival» and watch the entire concert for free:… | Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy 2017

LIVE CONCERT (12 minutes): ANTONIO VIVALDI: CONCERTO PER FLAUTO D MAJOR, RV 375 | Maurice Steger, recorder | Andrés Gabetta, violin and leader | Cappella Gabetta, Hochrhein Musikfestival 2016

TRAILER (4 minutes): UNA FOLLIA DI NAPOLI | Album presentation for harmonia mundi France | Maurice Steger & friends | A trailer by JOËL CORMIER & DIEGO SALDIVA (2012)

RECORDING SESSION VIDEO (1 minute): MAURICE STEGER plays and conducts G. F. HANDEL’S RIGAUDON from Orchestral Suite, HWV 1 | with LA CETRA Barockorchester Basel – harmonia mundi music, 2019

LIVE DIGITAL WORLD PREMIERE (6 minutes): MAURICE STEGER recorder & CHRISTOPH SIETZEN marimba are playing JAKOB GRUCHMANN: SEUCHENKLAGE (Epidemic complaint) | Brucknerhaus Linz, Austria, 2020

LIVE MASTERCLASS & COMPETITION AWARD CEREMONY (5 minutes): TAIWAN RECORDER FESTIVAL & COMPETITION, HSIN-CHU 2018 | Maurice Steger explains and tries the new Early Baroque recorder by ENCHI YU, JAPAN with the ENGLISH NIGHTINGALE by JACOB VAN EYCK (2018)

ARTE Doku (53 minutes): DIE BLOCKFLÖTE – der neue Sound von Maurice Steger
Ein Film von Natascha Pflaumbaum, Hessischer Rundfunk / ARTE (2017)

LIVE DIGITAL CONCERT (41 minutes): TINO FLAUTINO UND SEIN ZAUBERHAFTES BLOCKFLÖTENSPIEL – Kinderkonzert mit Jolanda Steiner (Text), Maurice Steger (Tino Flautino) und Naoki Kitaya (Klavier), gesprochen in schweizerdeutsch (2020)

FILM (10 minutes): GSTAAD BAROQUE ACADEMY – Portrait of Gstaad Baroque Academy with Prof. Maurice Steger and his team, a film by Pascal Schärli (2016)

REHEARSAL (8 minutes): MAURICE STEGER PROBT IN DER PHILHARMONIE BERLIN – Konzertprobe mit den Berliner Barock Solisten, Stefan Schweigert (Fagott), Rainer Kussmaul (Violine, Leitung) mit Werken von Telemann & Vivaldi (2008)

LIVE CONCERT (14 minutes): CONCERT COMIQUE | FRENCH BAROQUE MUSIC with MAURICE STEGER & Friends @ Gstaad Menuhin Festival – with STEPHAN MESTER, Maître à danser (“A dance master knows exactly what is appropriate and appropriate, what is “à la mode” and what is hopelessly “démodé” – also musically. It is his duty to illuminate the world with “bon goût“.), HILLE PERL, viola da gamba | DANIELE CAMINITI, theorbo | DIEGO ARES, harpsichord & A SMALL COURT AND DANCE BAND (Laura Schmid & Elisabeth Wirth, recorders | Yoshimi Wittermann & Daniel Swani, traversi | Céline Pasche, Baroque harp & recorder | Martina Schobersberger, harpsichord) – Excerpts from the concert in the Zweisimmen church on 4 September 2019

LIVE CONCERT (11 minutes): Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Maurice Steger | J.D. Heinichen: Concerto in G major for violin, oboe, strings, flutes, oboes and basso continuo, SeiH 214 (solo violin: Simos Papanas, solo oboe: Dimitris Kitsos), Κρατική Ορχήστρα Θεσσαλονίκης Διεύθυνση ορχήστρας: Maurice Steger | Vassiliko Theatre Thessaloniki (Greece), 2018

MUSICAL INTERVIEW (2 minutes): MAURICE STEGER, HABEN SIE TÖNE? – Kaum hat Maurice Steger eine Blockflöte zur Hand, bricht sein Temperament sich Bahn. Wenn der Zürcher Star des «flauto dolce» sich mit seinen Instrumenten improvisierend dem Interview stellt, kommt aber noch mehr zum Vorschein als seine barocke Virtuosität. SRF Kultur, 2014

LIVE CONCERT (10 minutes): MAURICE STEGER recorder & CHAARTS (concertmaster MAYUMI HIRASAKI) are playing ARCANGELO CORELLI’S RECORDER CONCERTO F MAJOR after his Sonata op 5 No 4 | Live in Switzerland 2010