Maurice Steger holds following positions:

Professor at the Nuremberg University of Music

The Hochschule f├╝r Musik N├╝rnberg (Nuremberg University of Music) is the third State University of Music in Bavaria and was established only in 2008. However, its tradition goes back to the early 19th century.

Today, around 400 students are trained in musical performance and music education in Nuremberg. BavarianÔÇÖs second city shows along to a large and significant history a charming architecture with its nearly intact medieval wall.

First-class courses are offered in all orchestra instruments, but also in singing, piano, organ, guitar, accordion and classical saxophone. There is also a lively jazz department, which is thoroughly integrated in the clubs of the city, and a department of early music, which regularly attracts unusual events to Nuremberg, thanks to its links throughout Europe.

Since November 2020, Maurice Steger has been honorary professor for recorder and performance practice of early music and has been giving lectures and instrumental lessons several times per semester. In 2015, together with recorder player Jeremias Schwarzer, he founded a new educational concept “Recorder Connect” and the “International Recorder Forum“.

Director and Professor at the Gstaad Baroque Academy in Cooperation with the Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy

The Gstaad Baroque Academy was founded in 2013 by Maurice Steger and has developed into an outstanding melting pot for young recorder players and players of early instruments. The youngsters start at the age of 14. The team of professors and the staff of the GBA take care of the students in a holistic way and provide assistance for their entry into musical life. In addition to instrument-specific lessons, they also work on programme concepts, coaching for performances, social reinforcement and integration training for good coexistence, learn from each other and discuss together, accompany and encourage.

Fortunately, the quality of the academy members is particularly high, as the young students are the leading interpreters of their generation, win international competitions in large numbers and learn to integrate their music into the musical present in a meaningful, multi-layered and inspiring way.

Maurice Steger has been directing the Academy since 2013 and invites wonderful colleagues to join the teaching team each year to celebrate the most intense time of the year.

Guest professors are: Giovanni Antonini, Kristian Bezuidenhout, Reinhard Goebel, Sabrina Frey, Christophe Rousset, Rahel Podger, Rudolf Lutz, Erik Bosgraaf, Jean Rondeau, Karsten Erik Ose, Jan van Hoeke, Han Tol, Stephan Mester, Diego Ares, Michael Form, Daniele Caminiti, Dieter Weitz, Mauro Valli, Hille Perl and many others.

Graduates are (amongst others): Laura Schmid, C├ęline Pasche, Tabea Debus, Lea Sobbe, Max Volbers, Claudius Kamp, Elisabeth Wirth, Tabea Wink, Tabea Seibert, Paula Pinn, Daniel Swani, Sebastian Schmidt, Hidehiro Nakamura, David Hanke, Silvia Berchtold, Yasaman Mashouri, Lucas Biegel, Matija Chlupacek, Felix Gutschi, Gr├ęgoire Franco.

Artistic Director of the Blockfl├Âtenfesttage | International Recorder Festival Stockstadt

The annual festival around the flauto dolce is probably the largest and most comprehensive event in the world and pursues the goal of bringing the recorder with all its facets with concerts, educational programs, a fair with instruments, accessories, sheet music and a lot of expertise each May in the center and celebrate with lovers of Early and Modern music. The tradition-rich festival is in its 36th edition in 2021 and will be held in Stockstadt a.R., Germany.

The direction of the recorder festival is a very special affair of the heart for Maurice Steger, which he continues in the spirit of the initiator, with open ears for new sounds, with a sense of tradition, with a strong worldwide network to artists, ensembles, agencies, cross-genre organizations and with very much love for music and people.

President of the Swiss Youth Music Competition | Concours Suisse de Musique pour la Jeunesse | Concorso Svizzero di Musica per la Giovent├╣ | Concurrenza Svizra da Musica per la Giuventetgna

The SJMW sees its task in the broad promotion and support of talented young musicians. The most important goal, however, is the promotion of the personality. The demands of modern society and the professional world are higher today than ever before. Acting on this realization is a priority. Intensive occupation with music and active music making can contribute to the development of the personality and to acquire the tools for modern society.

The Swiss Youth Music Competition Foundation is supported by the federal government, the cantons, many institutions and private and public sponsors and is the largest and most important promoter of music and youth in Switzerland nationally.

Since 2020, Maurice Steger has presided over the Classical Music Commission. Every year, the Youth Music Competitions are held in many categories, master classes, meetings, concerts and training of children and young people.

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