«La Castella» – Virtuoso Instrumental Music

Marco Uccellini 1603­1680
Arcangelo Corelli 1653­1713
Giovanni A. Pandolfi Mealli ca. 1660
Benedetto Marcello 1686­1739
Dario Castello early 17th century
Francesco Mancini 1672­1737
Marco Uccellini 1603­1680
Antonio Vivaldi 1678­1741

Maurice Steger | recorders
Naoki Kitaya | leader

La Castella

Italian Baroque Virtuoso Instrumental Music Maurice Steger, Continuo Consort, Naoki Kitaya The recorder (that is, the family of instruments in various sizes and ranges) was perhaps the most popular instrument among amateur musicians during the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as the instrument championed by a select group of renowned virtuosos. Who composed music for this sweet-sounding wind instrument in Italy during this period? Were arrangements from other genres popular at the time? How did the substantial changes in construction, intonation and sonority that the recorder underwent during influence musical style? Recorder virtuoso Maurice Steger and his continuo consort under the direction of Naoki Kitaya provide vivid and beautiful answers to such questions with this, their third recording for Claves Records. Works by composers Arcangelo Corelli, Benedetto Marcello, Antonio Vivaldi, Marco Uccellini, Dario Castello, Francesco Mancini and Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli are featured, played with the ensemble’s acclaimed blend of historical authenticity and modern spirit. Maurice Steger’s two previous recordings, “An Italian Ground” with Baroque music for recorders in the Italian style (CD 50-9407) and “An English Collection”, featuring music for recorders as performed in London around 1700 (CD 50-9614), have been acclaimed by critics and distinguished with international awards.

Claves CD 50-9809

Vivaldi; Concerti (2000)
An English Collection (1996)