Una follia di Napoli

Come with us on a journey to Southern Italy. As well as being Europe’s largest city, Naples in 1725 enjoyed a burgeoning cultural and musical life. Maurice Steger and his Baroque Orchestra will delight your senses and move your emotions with scenes rom the Neapolitan theatre, the spiritual home of the operatic world.

Maurice Steger presents a new recording of intimate Italian Music, following his two great successes «Venezia 1625» and «Mr Corelli in London». The works of these Neapolitan Baroque Masters will transport you to the year 1725. Maurice Steger’s stunning recorder virtuosity is accompanied by an orchestra of specialists in the Italian Baroque period. This Luxury edition includes a free 30 minute DVD with music, glimpses into the recording process and background information for you to enjoy.

November 21-26, 2011 (CD), January 2012 (DVD)
Reformed church of Arlesheim, Switzerland
Recording Engineer, Session Producer & Editor: Christian Sager

Joël Cormier and Diego Saldiva

Concerti per flauto (2014)
Mr. Corelli in London (2010)