Tino Flautino and the magic melody

Written and narrated by Jolanda Steiner (swiss german)
Composed by Rodolphe Schacher
Played by Maurice Steger, Blockflöte als Prinz Tino Flautino

Musikkollegium Winterthur
Marc Kissóczy Dirigent

Musical Concept: Maurice Steger
Idea and realization: Thomas Pfiffner
Recording, Balance Engineer and Mastering: Peter Laenger, Markus Heiland, Maskus Nagorni
Voice recordings: Heinz Affolter, Lakeside Recording Studio

Illustration: Sibylle Heusser
Text and narration: Jolanda Steiner
Music: Rodophe Schacher
Maurice Steger | Blockflöte
Musikkollegium Winterthur, Marc Kissóczy

Maurice Steger spielt auf Blockflöten von Küng Blockflötenbau Schaffhausen

Lehrmittelverlag des Kantons Zürich
ISBN 978-3-03713-301-9

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