Sammartini; Sonate per flauto e basso continuo

His brother, Giovanni Battista, was one of the fathers of the modern symphony; like him and like their father Alexis de Saint-Martin, Giuseppe Sammartini was a virtuoso oboist. But he chose to make his career at the court of the Prince of Wales, in London.
Surrounded by a group of exceptional musicians, Maurice Steger gives us a chance to discover seven of his sonatas for recorder and continuo, which, though composed in England, clearly proclaim their Italian origins! A treat fort he ears, and a dazzling display of virtuosity.

Enregistrement pour harmonia mundi s.a., Mas de Vert, F-13200 Arles © 2007
Direction artistique / Aufnahmeleiter : Thomas Engel
Prise de son et montage / Tonmeister und Editing: Christian Sager, www.sagersounds.ch
Maintenance et accord des claviers / Betreuung der Tasteninstrumente : Markus Krebs et Edwin Meier

Bookletinformation : Karsten Erik Ose

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