Mr Handel’s Dinner

Concertos, Sonatas & Chaconnes by George Friedric Handel and his inner circle

London in the 1730s. Musical life was flourishing around the figure of Handel. The Saxon composer also served as director; at the height of his fame, he surrounded himself with the finest London musicians, and was joined by many foreign composers to occupy the long breaks between the acts of his lyric works. Their musical interludes accompanied lavish dinners, during which Mr Handel escaped from the pit to indulge his gourmet tendencies.

Quite a programme!

August 4-6 and September 10-11 2018 | Basel, Martinskirche
Sound engineer & producer : Christian Sager (www.sagersounds.ch)

Jean-Baptiste Millot (www.jean-baptistemillot.com)

Souvenirs d’Italie (2016)