Leonard Bernstein – Piano & Chamber Music

Piano works: Klaviersonate (1938); 5 Anniversaries (1954); 4 Anniversaries (1948); 7 Anniversaries (1943); 13 Anniversaries (1989); Touches (1981); 4 Sabras; Bridal Suite für Klavier 4-händig; Music for two Pianos

Clarinet Sonata; Violin Sonata; Piano Trio; 3 Meditations for Cello & Piano from Mass; Elegy for Mippy I for Horn & Piano; Elegy for Mippy II for Trombone Solo; Waltz for Mippy III for Tuba & Piano; Rondo for Lifey for Trumpet & Piano; Dance Suite for Wind Quartet; Variations on an Octatonic Scale for Recorder & Cello

Artists: Wayne Marshall, Benyamin Nuss, Jennifer Micallef, Chad Hoopes, Lisa Schumann, Fernando Nina, Maria Kliegel, Andy Miles, Peter Mönkediek, Peter Roth, Maurice Steger, Paul van Zelm, Jeffrey Kant, Hans Nickel

The world-renowned musician Leonard Bernstein was also active in the realm of composition, namely chamber music, and at the end of the 1980s composed a duo for the recorder and cello – ‘Variations on an Octatonic Scale‘. Audiences will now be able to experience this piece for the first time as a recording. The work as played by Maurice Steger and the cellist Maria Kliegel is full of life and very clever. What a discovery in the recorder repertoire!

WDR Cologne, Dr. Michael Breugst, distributed by: AVI Music
November 2018

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