Leonard Bernstein – Piano & Chamber Music

Piano works: Klaviersonate (1938); 5 Anniversaries (1954); 4 Anniversaries (1948); 7 Anniversaries (1943); 13 Anniversaries (1989); Touches (1981); 4 Sabras; Bridal Suite f├╝r Klavier 4-h├Ąndig; Music for two Pianos

Clarinet Sonata; Violin Sonata; Piano Trio; 3 Meditations for Cello & Piano from Mass; Elegy for Mippy I for Horn & Piano; Elegy for Mippy II for Trombone Solo; Waltz for Mippy III for Tuba & Piano; Rondo for Lifey for Trumpet & Piano; Dance Suite for Wind Quartet; Variations on an Octatonic Scale for Recorder & Cello

Artists: Wayne Marshall, Benyamin Nuss, Jennifer Micallef, Chad Hoopes, Lisa Schumann, Fernando Nina, Maria Kliegel, Andy Miles, Peter M├Ânkediek, Peter Roth, Maurice Steger, Paul van Zelm, Jeffrey Kant, Hans Nickel

The world-renowned musician Leonard Bernstein was also active in the realm of composition, namely chamber music, and at the end of the 1980s composed a duo for the recorder and cello ÔÇô ÔÇśVariations on an Octatonic ScaleÔÇś. Audiences will now be able to experience this piece for the first time as a recording. The work as played by Maurice Steger and the cellist Maria Kliegel is full of life and very clever. What a discovery in the recorder repertoire!

WDR Cologne, Dr. Michael Breugst, distributed by: AVI Music
November 2018

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