Great success for Souvenirs d’Italie!

“Yes indeed, a recorder-player from Zurich is certainly capable of developing a Mediterranean temperament…”
Best releases, Place 3 Classical, Sonntags Zeitung

“Steger, king of the recorder, gives his instrument an excess of soul, wit and melancholy, and thereby turns even the average into something truly splendid.”
K├Âlner Stadtanzeiger

“But thatÔÇÖs the thing; Steger is never dull, and while he may go for maximum velocity and more-is-more ornamentation, his attack and articulation are always varied, repeats are never the same and thereÔÇÖs warmth and thought behind his every note, regardless of its speed… In short, itÔÇÖs another Steger cracker of a recording. Well worth seeking out.”
Gramophone, Magazine 2/17

“In numerous fast-paced movements, as well as in slow movements with almost erotically charged soundscapes, a musical cosmos full of wit and verve is created which the listener is powerless to escape. In the process, the soloist barely ever obligingly occupies a middle ground with the players in his ensemble, but instead maintains an ever-lively, often also richly contrasting dialogue with them, in which the back and forth complements itself in matching colours.”
Christian Albrecht in B├╝ndner Tagblatt

“The magic recorder-player – Ear-worm quality meets circus-like virtuosity… In the thunderous four-movement “Sonata” by Nicola Fiorenza (1700-1764), Maurice Steger demonstrates how such pure technique reveals its essence even in lower pitches ÔÇô following a melancholy largo intro, the piece ascends into effervescing joy and pure triumph.”

“Maurice Steger is to be praised not only for his phenomenal recorder-playing (which would be an example of carrying sand to the beach), but also and equally for instrumentally capturing all these handwritten works of the past, which all stand out thanks to a finely differentiated variety of soundscapes.”
Dr Werner Pfister in Musik und Theater

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