Beautiful pieces of art for your recorders

Beautiful recorders also deserve a beautiful case. Ernst Meyer, recorder builder, an Maurice Steger noticed a long time ago that there are no real beautiful cases available, and teamed up with textile artist Marcel Probst. He now creates unique pieces of art for recorders, and they are stunning!

Marcel Probst gets inspired by materials, music and old objects like buttons and creates sublime and unique recorder cases that are crafted to the client’s wish.

«I want every case to tell a story when you look at it and when you touch it», Marcel Probst explains the purpose of his work.

A soft case for two alto recorders costs around 350 Swiss Francs and is crafted from rare and valuable materials.

Maurice Steger also owns a case for alto recorders and says about it: «It’s a real piece of art, and I am enjoying it every time I unwrap my recorders»

Marcel Probst is happy to receive your request on

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