An Italian Ground

Baroque Recorder Music by G.B. Fontana, A. Piccinini, F. Rognoni Taeggio, G. Paolo Cima, T. Hume, M. Locke, A. Vivaldi, D.o Scarlatti, G. Sammartini, R. Carr

Maurice Steger | recorder
Naoki Kitaya | harpsichord and organ
Brian Feehan | theorbo
Lorenz Duftschmid | viola da gamba

An Italian Ground

Selection Swiss Radio International

Claves is pleased to present the first recording featuring the young Swiss recorder virtuoso Maurice Steger, a production which is also the first recording in the ÔÇťTibor Varga Foundation HallÔÇŁ in Sion (Switzerland). Steger and his international ensemble (Naoki Kitaya, harpsichord and positive organ / Brian Feehan, theorbo / Lorenz Duftschmid, viola da gamba) perform works by Vivaldi, Sammartini, Fontana, Locke and others on historical instruments. Their selection of Baroque instrumental music in the Italian style places special emphasis on the relationship between Italy and England.

Maurice StegerÔÇÖs lively, expressive, ÔÇťmodernÔÇŁ interpretations breathe new life into this music. The form of the ground provides the unifying point for traditional elements and the spirit of these contemporary artists.

Claves CD 50-9407

An English Collection (1996)