What makes this CD indispensable can be found in the two works for recorder performed by Maurice Steger. The phrasing in the Suite in A Minor is more than astounding; and he plays les Plaisirs with splendid, cat-like dynamics. The Overture is particularly remarkable – it is filled with rhythmic force and delicate poetry. Maurice Steger’s virtuosity is astonishing both here and in the Concerto in C Major (which is rarely to be found on CD, and one must ask why!). His articulation is masterful regardless of the difficulty or tempo of the passage, his sonorities always subtle and varied; a new authority 40 years after Brüggen and Harnoncourt.

Pierre-Yves Lascar, Diapason No 534, Les 200 critiques du mois, April 2006 – Diapason d’or

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