The immediacy and technical brilliance, coupled with a genuineness and musical modesty, of Steger and his ensemble cannot be faulted. The sounds are sweet where they need to be gentle and fetching; penetrating when vigor is called for; and suave and persuasive throughout. The recording is close and focused. The liner notes are clear and informative. … It’s certainly a tribute to the glorious music of the period; at times the music here presented hints at the spacious nature of the splendid choral music for which San Marco and its world are better known. Without looking inward, Steger has shown, rather than told, us how beautiful, inspiring and forward thinking (this was the time when the violin was becoming increasingly used) the musical world of Venice at the beginning of the seventeenth century truly was. Highly recommended.

CD ÔÇÜVeneziaÔÇÖ – Mark Sealey 2009 for ClassicalNet

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